Your FM30X Phase #4 Program Is Officially Started!

Welcome Message From:

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Creator, The FM30X Program Series

Great work on completing your FM30X Phase #4 setup!

I feel blessed to have you inside the Fit Mother Project family, and I'm BEYOND excited to continue helping you make some amazing changes with your health. On behalf of our entire FMP Team, we can't wait to hear about your results and continued success.

In the meantime, hop on inside our Fit Mother 30X Facebook Group and drop a check-in note (and perhaps share your Life Wheel and focus area).

Let's keep kicking ass on Phase #4!

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Founder, The Fit Mother Project

Brotherhood Nickname: “Mr. Results”

Bragging Rights: Has helped over 26,000 families lose over 100,000lbs