The secret to buying healthy meals on a budget to lose weight is finding the right foods at the right time!

Losing weight is a mental and physical challenge.

But when you tack on how expensive it can be to lose weight with the price of many healthy foods, your goal can seem completely unrealistic!

How are people doing it? Do they just have unlimited grocery budgets? Are they just naturally thin?

In this blog, we'll show you which foods give you the most bang for your buck and how to navigate the grocery store with weight loss in mind.

You're Not Crazy – These Prices Are

First of all, you're not the crazy one.

Thealthy meals on a budgethere really is a trend of “health foods” being sold at higher prices than non-healthy foods.

Harvard can back us up here – a 2013 study found that on average, eating a healthy diet daily costs about $1.50 more than if you ate unhealthy foods.

From the day-to-day, this doesn't sound like such a large amount. But annually, that would be $2,200 more per year!

Not to mention, buying organic food can run you 10 to 30% more on your grocery tab as well.

While it may seem impossible to beat this system, we have tips for you.

How to Find Cheaper Healthy Foods

Healthy food does command a premium. However, it's up to you to choose which healthy foods you choose to buy!

Thealthy meals on a budget to lose weighthere are healthy proteins, vegetables, fruits and starches that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

  • Canned tuna: Average $1.39 per can
  • Canned beans: Average $ per pound
  • Frozen edamame: Average $2 for 16 ounce bag
  • Broccoli: Average $1.64 per head
  • Bagged spinach: Average $2 per ounce
  • Russet potatoes: Average $.56 per pound
  • Brown rice: Average $1.75 per pound
  • Old fashioned oats: Average $.13 per serving
  • Bananas: Average $.60 per pound
  • Oranges: Average $1 per pound
  • Frozen berries: Average $3.50 per pound

Keep in mind that anytime you can find produce that's in season, it will be cheaper.

We recommend keeping a cheat sheet of when produce is in season on your fridge as a reminder before you grocery shop for the week!

Healthy Family Meals on a Budget

It's a little too easy to list out cheap produce. The challenge really comes in when you're cooking for your family!

healthy meals on a budget to lose weightYou've got everyone's opinions and allergies to account for – and your own health goals.

Below, we've listed out our favorite healthy family meals that are less than $10 to make.

Chicken and Vegetable Roast

This roast is delicious but simple. Purchase chicken, russet potatoes, carrots, celery and onion and bake together on a baking sheet.
All told, this meal comes out to $2.72 per serving.

Pork Chops and Salad

Bake pork chops breaded with panko crumbs while you prepare a salad of cabbage and apples. Mustard and sour cream round out this meal.
This meal is $2.67 per serving.

Mini Meatballs, Green Beans and Potatoes

This is a hearty meal. Cook the meatballs, green beans and potatoes all on one foil-lined baking sheet for easy cleanup.
Enjoy at $2.29 per serving.

Tilapia and Corn

Have a Friday fish night with this zesty tilapia dish! Cooked tilapia with a chili lime glaze is complemented by a corn saute.

This meal is $2.80 per serving.

Lentil Patties

For any vegetarians, this meat-less burger is a delicious and budget-friendly alternative. Walnuts, lentils and mushrooms give these burgers a dense and delicious taste.

Eat dinner for $1.56 per serving.

Healthy on Your Terms

We hope that this blog has shown you the many ways to eat healthy on a budget!

woman cookingWithout these tips, it can seem impossible to stay within your family's means while making sure everyone is eating as healthy as possible.

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