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Over 26,000 Women & Families In 35 Countries Are Getting Results With The Fit Mother Project

Working with Dr. Anthony and the Fit Mother Project, I've lost over 55lbs. At my age, I never thought that was possible for me...

I'm now wearing work dresses that I haven't in years. I feel amazing!! My energy is amazing. My daughters are inspired by my transformation and are starting to eat better now too. I recommend this program to everyone looking to get healthy.
- Rosanne Foust
Busy Mom + FM30X Member
I'm at Day #30 of the FM30X Program and even though I haven't been perfect, I've lost the 15lbs that I set as my goal when I started!!

I love it and have set a new goal for the next month. It's really encouraging to finally be seeing consistent results. I know I can stick to this and continue to lose weight. Thank you to Dr. Anthony and the Fit Mother Project team!!
- Laurie Baker
Busy Mom + FM30X Member
Well, it's OFFICIAL - the scale this morning says I'm down 50lbs!!

Between my husband and I (he's using the Fit Father Program), we've lost the body weight of our youngest daughter. I'm so happy we found the Fit Mother and Fit Father Projects.
- Karole Dawson
Busy Mom + FM30X Member
Using the FM30X Program at 139lbs and I'm now at 127lbs...

I'm down from a size 4 to a 2. More importantly than size is building strength and muscle. I am stronger now. I have much better cardio. This is a great program for busy moms like me.
- Janyce Ungless
Busy Mom + FM30X Member
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Fit Mother 30X hands you everything you need to lose weight & live healthier.

how to lose weight in 30 days

The Fit Mother “No Think” Meal Plan

This simple & delicious meal plan lays out the exact healthy eating plan that will help you lost weight and get your entire family eating healthier too – with recipes they'll actually love! You get everything you need: the exact recipes, grocery shopping lists, 4+ different meal timing setups that will work for your busy schedule. With this plan you’ll be able to lose weight while enjoying delicious food you love while also helping your whole family liver healthier too.

Value: $200

The FM30X Metabolism Boosting Workouts

These safe & time-efficient workouts will boost your metabolism so you're burning stubborn fat all day long with short 30-45 minute sessions (2-3x/week).  All you need is a pair of dumbbells and 5 ft of floor space to do these sculpting workouts. You will feel so motivated & confident as you see your body tighten and transform before your eyes every week..

Value: $200

The FM30X Accountability System

Fit Mother 30X is a program that will get you lasting results. That's why our team of expert Fit Mother Coaches will keep you motivated & on track from Day #1 on the program. You'll get accountability emails and a private member's only Facebook group to ensure your success and make you feel fully supported through your transformation.

Value: $400

Total Program Value: $800

Yours On This Page: Just $97

*Yes! You get Lifetime Access to this proven Fit Mother 30X Program for less than the price of a family dinner. Plus, you will also receive over $100 in special Fast Action Bonuses (shown below) on this page when you sign up today.

Here’s How Simple FM30X Really Is...


Meet Your Quick & Delicious Fit Mother Meal Plan

Imagine being able to lose weight every week on a simple meal plan that keeps you full, energized, and motivated. A plan that allows you to enjoy healthy carbs without being restricted and that also helps your entire family eat healthier too.

  • Healthy, Affordable Meals
  • 50+ Delicious Healthy Recipes
  • Less Than 20 Minutes Cooking
  • Healthy, Easy Meals For Your Entire Family

*See the life-changing results ladies are getting with this meal plan below. Also keep in mind that results do vary from person to person.


You Also Get Safe, Time-Efficient Workouts Designed Exclusively For Your Body As A Woman 35+

When you join FM30X today, your new metabolism-boosting workouts will help you burn fat & build muscle in just 90 min/week.

  • 30 – 45 min Metabolism-Boosting Workouts
  • Safe & Gentle On Your Joints For Results Without Pain
  • Minimal Equipment Needed (Just a pair of Dumbbells)
  • Sustainable Results That Actually Last

*Please keep in mind that results may vary from person to person.

We Actually Guarantee Your Success

When you join FM30X, you become a member of our program & family. Our team of expert trainers will walk you step-by-step to success.

You don't have to try losing weight alone anymore. You now have our team to support you. Forget the “cookie-cutter” diet books and DVD workout programs you see on late night TV. The FM30X Program is all about getting you results that last.

  • It doesn't matter if you have 10 or 100lbs to lose, this FM30X Program will work for you and walks you step-by-step to your dream body and success.
  • Fit Mother 30X is designed to be simple & sustainable so that the results you experience actually stick around.
  • This program is designed exclusively for you as a busy mom who wants to lose weight while helping your family live healthier too.

*Please keep in mind that results may vary by individual.


Fit Mother 30X Fits All The Criteria Of The Perfect Weight Loss Program for Busy Moms

how to lose weight in 30 days
  • It's clear and Action Oriented. You don't need to do any thinking. You just follow the step-by-step plan to success.
  • It's comprehensive. Your whole life will get aligned on this program. Mind. Body. Spirit.
  • It's safe & time-efficient. The FM30X workouts are built for undertrained moms 35+ and they still get killer results.
  • It's sustainable. You'll build the key habits to make this a lifestyle transformation.
  • It's simple. You'll take each week at a time. You'll never do more than 2 things at once. Try that with those 19 disk sets they sell on late night TV.
  • We keep you motivated. This is the #1 difference maker. This isn't a book or DVD you'll buy and leave on your shelf. Our team is in your ear coaching you from Day #1.
  • And Best Of All? FM30X is $100 Off On This Page Today.

Regular Price: $197

Yours On This Page: Just $97

*Your purchase is backed by our Fit Mother 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Try the program today and if you're not “bouncing off the walls thrilled” by your results, you get all your money back – no questions asked. You'll get instant access to your program and special bonuses (shown below) on the very next page after you sign up today.

Plus: You'll Also Get These Fast Action Bonuses When You Try Out FM30X Today

How To Enjoy Drinks While Staying Lean

Total Value: $50.00

Included free when you join FM30X today on this page.

  • Discover the #1 “metabolism hack” that will enable you to enjoy a glass of wine or beer WITHOUT gaining fat. If you enjoy the occasional drink but still want to lose fat you need to learn the strategies in this short & powerful guide (Pg. 6)
  • The 5 FOODS you must absolutely avoid while drinking alcohol, or you'll end up rampantly storing fat (Pg. 7)

The 7 Key Supplements Every Woman Needs

Total Value: $50.00

Included free when you join FM30X today on this page.

  • Most supplements are a waste of money. HOWEVER, there are 7 key supplements that are truly SAFE & EFFECTIVE for enhancing your health, mental clarity, energy, muscle, & fat loss.
  • This short & powerful guide will cover these 7 essential supplements that actually work for energy & weight loss, and where you can get them most affordably.

How To Build Unbreakable Habits Guides

Total Value: $50.00

Included free when you join FM30X today on this page.

  • You’ll discover the groundbreaking new research on how to ensure you stick to your health routines with these 4 new neuroscience & psychology habit strategies. These tips will accelerate your FM30X success (page 3).
  • This guide also hands you the 5 step goal-setting process to ensure any new goal you make becomes a full commitment that you’ll stick to (Pg. 10).

The 21 Healthiest Fast Food Items To Order At Common Chains

Total Value: $50.00

Included free when you join FM30X today on this page.

  • In this guide, you’ll discover the healthiest menu items to order at very common restaurant chains like McDonalds, Chipotle, Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, & more.” (Pg. 2-10).
  • You will get exact order modifications (example: ‘hold the rice/mayo on that') so all of these meals can work into your Fit Mother Plan and you easily stack on track when you're in a pinch – while keeping your family healthy too.

Total Bonus Value: $200

Yours Free Today!

*This powerful bonus bundle is includes for you FREE when you join FM30X today.

We Treat You Like Family. Here’s Your 100% Results & Satisfaction Guarantee


Here's your TRIPLE MONEY BACK Guarantee...

After helping thousands of women a succeed with this program, our team is SO confident that FM30X will be the BEST FITNESS SYSTEM you've ever used that we're willing to offer you this TRIPLE Money-Back Guarantee:

  • GUARANTEE #1: Use the FM30X System for 60 days ON US. If you do not get the fastest and easiest results you’ve ever seen… we will give you 100% of your money back… OR:
  • GUARANTEE #2: If you don’t like the SERVICE you receive and the EASE of purchase, same guarantee: 100% of you money back! AND:
  • GUARANTEE #3: Even if you don’t like the FONT we used in your training handbooks, same guarantee…100% of your money back.
  • Here at the Fit Mother Project, we stand behind not only our program, but our deep commitment to YOUR 100% satisfaction and your success.

Total Value: $800

Yours Today: Just $97

*Your purchase is backed by our Fit Mother 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Try the program today and if you're not “bouncing off the walls thrilled” by your results, you get all your money back – no questions asked. You'll get instant access to your program and special bonuses on the very next page after you sign up today.

Still have questions? Here are some answers to common FAQ's we get from women before joining:

Do I need any special equipment for the Fit Mother workouts?

Nope! All you need is a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells & around 5ft of floor space. Here’s another unique & Powerful feature of this Fit Mother 30X program: with your new FM30X workout routine, we give you BOTH “at-home” workouts and “at-the-gym” workouts – so whatever level of equipment access you have (or where you prefer to exercise) you will have a plan that works for you. This FM30X program is as comprehensive as it gets. That's why women see such powerful & lasting results.

Can FM30X work for my entire family (husband and kids?)

Yes! We perfectly portion all the simple & delicious meals on FM30X to provide multiple servings, so that you can either feed your whole family the nutritious food OR save the meals for another day.

Now, because this program is custom for busy moms over 35, we do perfectly portion the calories for YOUR SUCCESS as a woman.

We have a separate program for men called Fit Father 30X that you can get your spouse started on as well.

We’ve had tons of husband and wife teams do these programs together and experience amazing weight loss results.

How much does the program cost? Are there recurring fees?

Just $97. One payment. No funny business. No hidden recurring charges or any of that crap. We do business the way we like to be treated – like family! Remember: your entire program is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It is literally risk free for you to get your best body back in the next 60 days – or your money back (this very very RARELY happens but we do honor it – no questions asked).

How is this program delivered (hard copies or digital)?

The FM30X program is delivered 100% digitally right after you complete the program signup form. We make this program available digitally for a few big benefits to you:

1) You can get started on reading the program materials (meal plan) and watching the workout videos right away so that you can start seeing results this week..

2) You can access your FM30X program from ANYWHERE that life takes you – any laptop, smart phone, or computer.

3) When the newest nutrition & exercise research comes out, we update your program automatically so you always have the latest and greatest info.
4) We keep you accountable with emails & accountability check-ins during the program.

We also formatted the entire program to be printer friendly, so you can easily print out the meal plan and workout templates. Many of our program members do this.

Try Fit Mother 30X Program Today - 100% Risk Free

Total Value: $800

Yours Today: Just $97

*Your purchase is backed by our Fit Mother 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Try the program today and if you're not “bouncing off the walls thrilled” by your results, you get all your money back – no questions asked. You'll get instant access to your program and special bonuses on the very next page after you sign up today.

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