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Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Founder, The Fit Mother Project

Congratulations and welcome, my friend!

I am overjoyed that you made the decision to invest in yourself and commit to the path of living healthy, long, and strong – for both yourself and your family.

As of this moment, you are now officially a Fit Mother 30X Program Member. You now have access to the proven eating, exercise, and motivation program that's helping thousands of busy ladies like you lose weight, tone up, and get healthy 🙂

I truly feel blessed to have you with us inside the Fit Mother Project family, and I'm BEYOND excited to continue helping you make some amazing changes with your health & vitality.

If you don't see your welcome email with access details in the next 30 minutes, here's what to do…

  • Check your email spam/junk folder. Sometimes important messages end up in there.
  • If you don't see it in the spam/junk, send our support staff an email at [email protected] or leave us a message at 480-877-9369, and we'll sort everything out ASAP.

Congratulations again on taking this NEXT step. It's time to make some serious progress.

I'll see you inside the member's area,

-Dr. A

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Founder, The Fit Mother Project

Brotherhood Nickname: “Mr. Results”

Bragging Rights: Has helped 35,000 families lose weight & liver healthier.