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As You're Starting Your Health Transformation Journey With Us, Here Are the Fit Mom Success Stories To Get You Inspired...

Working with Dr. Anthony and the Fit Mother Project, I've lost over 55lbs. At my age, I never thought that was possible for me...

I'm now wearing work dresses that I haven't in years. I feel amazing!! My energy is amazing. My daughters are inspired by my transformation and are starting to eat better now too. I recommend this program to everyone looking to get healthy.
- Rosanne Foust
Busy Mom + FM30X Member
I'm at Day #30 of the FM30X Program and even though I haven't been perfect, I've lost the 15lbs that I set as my goal when I started!!

I love it and have set a new goal for the next month. It's really encouraging to finally be seeing consistent results. I know I can stick to this and continue to lose weight. Thank you to Dr. Anthony and the Fit Mother Project team!!
- Laurie Baker
Busy Mom + FM30X Member
Well, it's OFFICIAL - the scale this morning says I'm down 50lbs!!

Between my husband and I (he's using the Fit Father Program), we've lost the body weight of our youngest daughter. I'm so happy we found the Fit Mother and Fit Father Projects.
- Karole Dawson
Busy Mom + FM30X Member
Using the FM30X Program at 139lbs and I'm now at 127lbs...

I'm down from a size 4 to a 2. More importantly than size is building strength and muscle. I am stronger now. I have much better cardio. This is a great program for busy moms like me.
- Janyce Ungless
Busy Mom + FM30X Member
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* Results may vary by individual. Read Full Disclaimer & Terms Here

Are You Ready To See The Proven Fit Mother Project Program?

All the women you see on this page used the same Fit Mother 30X (FM30X) Program - the world’s first sustainable weight loss program for busy moms over 35.

Fit Mother 30X hands you everything you need to lose weight & live healthier.

The Fit Mother “No Think” Meal Plan

This simple & delicious meal plan lays out the exact healthy eating plan that will help you lost weight and get your entire family eating healthier too – with recipes they’ll actually love! You get everything you need: the exact recipes, grocery shopping lists, 4+ different meal timing setups that will work for your busy schedule. With this plan you’ll be able to lose weight while enjoying delicious food you love while also helping your whole family liver healthier too.

The Fit Mother Fat Loss + Metabolism-Boosting Workouts

These safe & time-efficient workouts will boost your metabolism so you’re burning stubborn fat all day long with short 30-45 minute sessions (2-3x/week).  All you need is a pair of dumbbells and 5 ft of floor space to do these sculpting workouts. You will feel so motivated & confident as you see your body tighten and transform before your eyes every week.

The Fit Mother Accountability System

Fit Mother 30X is a program that will get you lasting results. That’s why our team of expert Fit Mother Coaches will keep you motivated & on track from Day #1 on the program. You’ll get accountability emails and a private member’s only Facebook group to ensure your success and make you feel fully supported through your transformation.

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