Welcome to the Fit Mother Project

Welcome to the
Fit Mother Project

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You're A Busy Mom 40+ Who Wants To Lose Weight
And Look & Feel Younger. We Understand You...

Message From The Desk of:
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Founder The FMP

Welcome to The Fit Mother Project, my friend! If you're anything like the thousands of busy moms our Fit Mother Team helps lose weight… we know you put your family first.

We know you're very busy…

And we know that you, in spite of all of that, you want to lose weight, look younger, and get healthy for both yourself and your family.

And I have great news for you! Our Fit Mother Team is going to help you do all of thatand so much more. 😊

Now, before I show you exactly how we've helped thousands of busy moms like you lose weight, tone up & actually sustain their results…

Let's get real. We all know what

"Never eat a carb again"
Fad Diets.

Extreme, Intimidating Workouts

Scammy Weight Loss Pills
& "Miracle Detoxes"

Here's The Secret To Your Success:

Here's The Secret
To Your Success:

Busy moms need a weight loss program designed exclusive for busy moms. That may seem obvious. But sadly 99% of women make this mistake…

They bounce around from diet to diet… trying “paleo,” “keto,” the latest workout DVD craze… and NEVER see any lasting results.

If you've been there… it sucks. We know.

Again though, there is some really good news…

When you finally start using a simple and sustainable program that's actually designed exclusively for your metabolism & lifestyle as a busy mom… the real magic begins to happen…

You will start seeing powerful results (like all the women you see below).

AND (best of all) you'll finally be on a plan that you love sticking so you can actually sustain the results… like all our Fit Mother Members you see below.

Over 11,400 Women in 20 Countries
Are Getting Results With The Fit Mother Project

Over 11,400 Women
in 20 Countries
Getting Results With
The Fit Mother Project

* Results may vary by individual.

These are busy women in
their 40s, 50s, & 60s – just like you.

All the ladies you see above, found our Fit Mother Project website like you. They
started with our Free Meal Plan & Workout, and eventually joined our full
Fit Mother 30X Program (FM30X) and transformed their health & lives forever.

Here's Our Simple 3-Step Formula That We’ve Used
To Help Thousands of Busy Moms Like You…

  • Start Our Simple, Delicious, & Meal Plan

As a busy mom, you need a simple meal plan that helps you lose weight and feel energized 24/7 without being super restrictive and cutting out ALL the carbs and every food you love. The truth is that you can see fantastic results following a simple, balanced, & healthy mveal plan that you actually enjoy. No more crazy restrictive diets. No more “6 small meals per day” spending hours cooking. Our team has developed the perfect meal plan for busy moms.

  • Quick, Metabolism-Boosting Workouts

Here's the secret (and the research): you don't need to spend hours in the gym “doing cardio” to lose weight. In fact, long cardio workouts totally stink for women's fat loss (1). Here's what does work… you need some simple, circuit training workouts that combine weights + cardio in under 45-min sessions. We'll show you exactly how to do these great workouts a 2-3 times per week to reignite your metabolism so you're burning fat again & actually seeing results from exercise.

  • Support From The Fit Mother Community
As a mom, you're always taking care of everyone around you. It's our turn to take care of you! When you become a member of our Fit Mother Program & Community, our team of coaches & trainers will personally give you the support you need to ensure you succeed, stay motivated, and build healthy habits that last. We email you to keep you on track and you get constant inspiration inside our private Fit Mom Facebook Group that will ensure you feel fully supported every step of the way.

Are You Ready To See Fast Results This Week?

Are You Ready To See
Fast Results This Week?

Here's how to get started today...

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Get started 100% FREE. We'll send your Fit Mom Meal Plan, Workout & Email Coaching straight to your email.

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OR, get the full program, FM30X – the world's first Sustainable Weight Loss Program for Busy Moms.

Message From The Founder

Message From The Founder

I founded The Fit Mother Project after watching my own family struggle with health for years. After a decade of trial and error, we finally figured out a sustainable solution that works.

From working with thousands of busy women all around the world, our Fit Mother Team has developed a proven system that’s helped over 22,000 families lose weight and get healthy.

If you’re a busy woman who is ready to finally lose weight, tone up, look younger, get your energy back, and help your family live healthier too… then this The Fit Mother Project website it exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Follow the steps below, and I’ll personally show you the exact nutrition and exercise methods our team is using that will help you start seeing results this week. I'll show you how…

Founder, The Fit Mother Project

Founder, The Fit Father Project

Ready to lose weight & get healthier?
Just follow the 4 steps below...

Ready to lose weight & get healthier?
Just follow the
4 steps below...

Step #1

Visit the “Start Here” page below to get your Free Meal Plan & Workout so you can see results this week.

Step #2

Check out our 100+ free videos & articles on our Fit Mother Project Blog below for recipes, workouts, motivation & more!

Step #3

Check out our proven health & weight loss programs for busy moms 35+ called Fit Mother 30X (FM30X).

Step #4

Contact our Fit Mother Team using the button below to tell us your goals and see how we can help you.