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Healthy Lifestyle Program For Women

Stuart Carter

By: Stuart Carter, Dip. PT, Precision Nutrition 1, COO, Fit Mother Project,

C.O.O, The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

healthy lifestyle program

Looking for a healthy lifestyle program? Get ready to discover the healthy lifestyle program for women that anyone can do!

It often seems acceptable for men to let themselves go a little as they age, where women are expected to remain looking like supermodels for life.

But, the truth is that it's really hard to stay in shape! Life has a habit of taking over and when you add in work and family commitments, time is limited.

Of course, you know you need to change your health habits, but finding the right healthy lifestyle program can seem an almost impossible task.

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be!

Join the Fit Mother Project and discover the healthy lifestyle program that really works!

What's Different?

This should be your first question.

With so many fad diets on the market promising amazing results you need to know what’s different about the Fit Mother Project and why should you sign up for it.

The Fit Mother Project is a direct result of the success of the Fit Father Project, which has helped over 35,000 men lose weight, get in shape, and feel fantastic.

The basics of weight loss for men and women are similar. But, the nutritional needs are different and what works for men may not be so appealing to women.

The Fit Father Project recognized this issue and created a healthy lifestyle program for women, that really works.

It’s just 3 simple steps:

  1. Get the free Fit Mom 3-Day Weight Loss Jumpstart
  2. Join the FM30X
  3. Connect with others and share!


Let us show you how you can start losing weight this week! We'll email you our free meal plan & workout + email coaching.



A Healthy Lifestyle Program That Actually Works

Anyone can lose weight by eating nothing for a week, but that’s not healthy and not sustainable.

It’s highly likely that you’ll put the weight back on and more.

You don’t need to punish your body to lose weight, improve your health, and feel great.

What you need is a healthy lifestyle program, that’s what the FM30X is. You can incorporate it into your busy lifestyle, stick to it for life, and see some real changes that will last.

That’s what makes the FM30X so different and so powerful, it’s possible to do it for life.

Enough talk, check out the following stages that will allow you to incorporate a healthy lifestyle program into your daily routine.

The best part is that you can, and should, introduce the different elements slowly. This will help to ensure your mind and body adapt, making your new healthy lifestyle almost effortless.

JOIN OUR fit mother 30X PROGRAM

FM30X is the first sustainable weight loss program designed exclusively for busy mothers just like you...




FM30X is the first sustainable weight loss program designed exclusively for *busy* mothers like you...

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The most important part of any healthy lifestyle program is to adopt the right mindset.

In short, you need to believe that you can change your habits and lose weight.

One of the most common techniques for adopting the right mindset is to visualize yourself achieving your goals. This is the technique used by many top athletes.

Unfortunately, with weight loss, you need to be able to picture your body differently. For some people, this can be surprisingly difficult.

After all, it seems like the only “natural” state for women is super skinny. If you try to picture this, you’re always going to feel overweight.

The good news is that skinny is unhealthy. Being healthy isn’t about being skinny, it’s about eating properly and moving.

Start every day with this one simple task and you’ll find your mindset is ready in virtually no time!

Consider your reason for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s probably to live longer, be more mobile, or be there for your children and other loved ones.

Create a short phrase that summarizes this and write it down. Put this on the table next to your bed, or on the mirror in your bathroom. Then, read it first thing every morning.


Sleep is essential for every human being. You need to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night.

When you sleep your body balances your hormone levels and takes the opportunity to repair injured organs and cells.

If you find you’re stressed for much of the time then the reduction of cortisol levels, when you sleep, will be even more beneficial.

Cortisol is released every time you feel stressed, preparing your body to fight or flight.

Unfortunately, when your body experiences this fight or flight reaction, it stops making many of the other hormones that your body needs.

You can be hormone deficient, as well as tired and even grumpy just because you didn’t get enough sleep.

Again, this is simple to implement. Work out what time you need to get up in order to get everything done before you go to work or take the kids to school.

Then, count at least 7.5 hours back from that, this is the latest time you can go to bed in order to get the 7 hours of sleep you need.

It’s worth noting that there is limited research into the effects of too little sleep on women. Most research has focused on men.

But, early reports suggest that a lack of sleep will increase the chances of sleep disorders in women, as compared to men.

Stress Reduction

Stress is bad. The production of the stress hormone will limit the production of other hormones in the body.

Stress leaves you agitated, anxious, and more liable to suffer from mental health issues.

In fact, high levels of stress can increase your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and even Alzheimer’s.

You can’t avoid all stressful situations, although you can avoid some of the worse ones.

You just need to think about what or who stresses you’re the most and how to adapt your approach, or your day, to ensure the situation is avoided.

To manage your stress levels from everything else try meditating.

This is as simple as finding a quiet spot and focusing on just one thought for 30 minutes. You can start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 30.

Alternatively, you can try yoga, getting a massage, knitting, or even taking a walk.

Anything that takes your mind off the issues of the day will relieve the stress and help you on your journey to complete the healthy lifestyle program!


Approximately 50-60% of your body is water, that should give you an idea of how important hydration is to your body.

You need to stay hydrated in order to remain healthy.

In fact, water is an essential part of the transfer of nutrients into cells and toxins out of cells.

Drinking enough water is essential to the correct functioning of your body cells and organs.

You’ll be wondering how much you need to drink in order to stay as healthy as possible.

We recommend you aim for 2.5 liters of water a day. But, don’t forget that water is in the food you eat and your teas and coffees.

All you have to do is measure your current water consumption.

As soon as you know how much water is in your favorite mug, you’ll know how much you’re consuming every time you have a drink.

This will allow you to calculate how much you’re drinking and if you need to be drinking more.

Good Nutrition

To lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than your body needs per day.

In essence, this is straightforward, simply count the calories you’re consuming.

However, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle program are about more than losing weight.

You need to balance your intake of proteins, carbs, vegetables, and fats; this will ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

With good nutrition, energy levels increase and excess weight will start to disappear.

A simple way to help eat properly and easily calculate the calories in every meal is to adopt the perfect plate approach to food.

This is a method that splits every plate into three:

  1. ½ vegetables
  2. ¼ protein
  3. ¼ carbohydrates

This approach can work with the existing foods in your cupboards, but over time, you should focus on replacing the processed foods you already have with whole foods.

Processed foods are any food that has had additives, which are usually to extend the life of the food or ensure its freshness.

However, most processed foods have added salts and sugars to ensure they taste their best, and this can seriously affect your calorie intake and your good intentions.

Daily Physical Workouts

Once you’ve worked your way through the other steps on this healthy lifestyle program you’ll be ready to start a physical workout.

This means moving more!

A physical workout is not the same as exercise. The aim at this stage of your healthy lifestyle program is to commit to 30 minutes of moving per day.

Start by picking a time that suits you and scheduling 30 minutes of activity every day.

Top Tip: Treat this 30-minute slot as an appointment, it will make it much harder to avoid it.

During these 30 minutes, walk the dog, walk up and down the stairs several times, dance a little in your sitting room, or perhaps even try some swimming.

The idea is simply to move more than you usually would. Making physical exercise part of your day is laying the groundwork for formal exercise.

Formal Workouts

A formal workout is something like running, cycling, an aerobics class, or even visiting the gym.

By having created a slot for physical workouts you’re getting your body used to exercising.

The next logical step is to make these workouts more effective.

Anything that raises your heart rate will help you to burn more calories. This can be used to assist you with weight loss, or with keeping your weight static.

Pick several activities you enjoy and rotate them into your scheduled time slot.

This will help it to remain varied and interesting; it will also keep your body challenged, which will maximize potential gains.

Don’t forget, contrary to what you may have heard or thought, lifting weights does not automatically mean you'll get big, bulky men’s muscles.

Men build muscle because of the higher levels of testosterone in their bodies. If you add strength training into your routine you’ll be helping to tone your muscles, and muscle burns more calories than fat at rest, helping you maintain a calorie deficit.

Flexibility and Mobility

As you age it’s important to remain as mobile and flexible as possible.

Flexibility and mobility will help you to complete activities easier, be more active, and less likely to suffer from age-related falls.

It’s worth noting that mobility is defined as the ability to move freely and easily.

In contrast, flexibility is being able to bend easily.

If you feel stiff, you’re less mobile in general. If it affects one particular part of your body, your flexibility is reduced.

To combat this and stay feeling healthy you should indulge in some simple stretching exercises every morning, such as touching your toes, doing Tai Chi, or even doing some yoga, which ties in nicely with the idea of meditation.

Start Today!

The most important part of starting your healthy lifestyle program is that you have the support of your friends. They can be there to guide and motivate you.

In fact, you can join the FM30X program today and connect with hundreds of other women who are starting to benefit from the Fit Mother Project.

With their support and the right mindset, anything is possible!

But, the real key to a successful healthy lifestyle program is to change one thing at a time. Remember, you’re in this for life, making one small change at a time will allow you to create new habits, that should last.

This will help to ensure you stay healthy for life, not just for the next few months.

You’re in it for life and we’re in it with you, every small step of the way.

Stuart Carter
Stuart Carter

C.O.O, The Fit Father Project & Fit Mother Project

Stuart gained his Diploma in Personal Training & Sports Medicine through Premier Global, back in 2001. In 2018, he completed his Level 1 Precision Nutrition qualification.

Throughout his career in Fitness, Stuart has trained hundreds of clients, worked in almost every position in the industry, and ran his own successful training studio.

After a hiatus away from the Fitness industry, working in Corporate Management and Finance, Stuart returned to what he loves… Fitness! This return led to a chance meeting with Dr. Balduzzi, and a place in the Fit Father Project team.

Brotherhood Nickname: The Fit Brit
Bragging Rights: 18 Years in the fitness industry, Author of ‘The Easy Fitness Guide', Father of 4 boys and Husband to a Venezuelan beauty.

If you’re a busy mom who wants to finally lose weight, get healthy, and actually keep the pounds off for good, this is the simple program you’ll love sticking to…

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If you’re a busy mom who wants to finally lose weight, get healthy, and actually keep the pounds off for good, this is the simple program you’ll love sticking to…

Our Fit Mother 30X Program (FM30X) is the answer you’ve been looking for. Inside FM30X, you’ll receive:

  • The simple & delicious Fit Mother Meal Plan with easy recipes for you and your family.
  • The metabolism-boosting Fit Mother 30X Workout (under 90 min/week) to kickstart your metabolism for fast fat burning.
  • VIP email coaching where we’ll personally walk you through the program.
Learn More About FM30X

*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on a healthy lifestyle program.

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