Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: 20 Fun and Healthy Options!

Written by: Erin Coleman,

B.S. - Nutritional Science, R.D., L.D.

Writer, The Fit Mother Project

Written by: Erin Coleman,

B.S. - Nutritional Science, R.D., L.D.

Writer, The Fit Mother Project

valentine's day gift ideas

Thinking about Valentine's Day gift ideas can feel overwhelming at times, but you don't need to stress over what to get your loved ones.

There's so much more you can give that doesn't come in a box or is packed with fat and sugar!

Every family has different needs and preferences, and there's no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to the best Valentine's Day gift ideas.

But one thing is clear: if you can avoid sugary candy and other sweet treats in favor of healthier options, do so!

Your family's health should be a top priority, and Valentine's Day is no exception.

Pick nutritious snacks and meals, fun activities that keep the body moving, gifts that improve sleep, or activities that reduce stress.

Make this Valentine's Day one to remember by choosing Valentine's Day gift ideas that maximize your family's physical, mental, and emotional health!

Planning on some wine, champagne, or cocktails this Valentine's Day? Here's what you need to know about drinking alcohol and losing weight.


20 Fun and Healthy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Day or Weekend Trips

Plan a day trip or weekend staycation this Valentine's Day with just your spouse or your entire family!

Make the adventure both active and relaxing to maximize mental, physical, emotional, and overall wellness!

Try hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, or going to an indoor water park.

Or choose rock climbing, ice skating, roller skating, rollerblading, swimming indoors, or indoor sky diving!

Even bowling and shopping help get your body moving and your blood pumping.

Don't forget to schedule in time to relax as part of your Valentine's Day gift ideas for your family!

Sit in a sauna or hot tub, get a relaxing massage, or get pedicures with your loved ones!

You might go see a movie, a concert, or a live band!

Book a relaxing getaway for the weekend at a hotel or cabin to unwind, de-stress, and refresh.

Heart-Shaped Healthy Snacks

For your kids (and yourself and your spouse too), consider making nutritious heart-shaped snacks instead of giving out chocolate and other sweet treats this Valentine's Day!

Cut into heart shapes some of the following healthy snacks: sliced cheese, chicken, turkey, cucumbers, sliced strawberries, kiwi fruit, pears, or sliced bananas!

If you do opt for chocolate as a Valentine's Day gift idea, choose dark chocolate instead of other sweet treats to reap the benefits of disease-fighting antioxidants!

Health-Enhancing Dietary Supplements

If you're looking for an outside-the-box, nutritious Valentine's Day gift idea for your spouse, consider Fit Mother Project supplements designed for different health and wellness needs.

These supplements can improve heart health, joint health, brain health, immunity, muscle building, and more!

Make Valentine's Day protein shakes for your loved ones by blending together Fit Mother Project SuperFuel, ice, almond milk, strawberries or fresh cherries, and almond or cashew butter (optional) in a blender.

Enjoy this delicious (but healthy) Valentine's Day treat!

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Cozy Blankets for Sleeping or Lounging

Getting plenty of high-quality sleep is an important part of staying healthy, and many people don't get the sleep they need to maximize their well-being.

Pass on the Valentine's Day candy this season in favor of cozy blankets for lounging around and sleeping!

Get a soft, comfy blanket for each of your family members to watch movies, sleep better at night, and keep you warm all winter long!

The Gift of Massage

Massage offers a variety of health and wellness benefits for your family.

Examples include stress and pain relief, relaxation, healing, and improvements in mental health.

There are several ways you can give the Valentine's Day gift idea of a massage.

Give back or foot massages to family members yourself, get them a gift card for a professional massage, or try at-home massage chairs or portable massage devices you can use from the comfort of home while you relax!

Flavored Coffee or Tea

Coffee and tea are some of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas you can give your spouse, and for good reason.

Coffee and tea are both packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, and these drinks are low in calories.

Coffee and tea contain caffeine, which boosts energy levels, enhances workouts, keeps your metabolism high, and aids in fat burning.

All of these reasons contribute to coffee and tea's beneficial effects on healthy weight management, as well as weight loss if that's your goal.

In fact, studies confirm that caffeine plays an important role in maintaining ideal body weight.

For Valentine's Day this year, choose flavored (unsweetened) coffees or teas that will start you and your spouse's morning off right.

Nutritious Protein Bars

Pass on candy and other sweet treats as Valentine's Day gift ideas in favor of nutritious, low-sugar protein bars instead!

They taste just as delicious and keep you and your family fuller longer.

Consider healthy protein bars as a Valentine's Day gift or make your own delicious homemade protein bars.

Recruit your family to join you!

Slipper Socks

Slipper socks make the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea for many reasons.

They are comfortable and have grips to help you and your family avoid slipping.

You, your spouse, and your kids can curl up with a good book by the fireplace or watch a movie while wearing super comfy slipper socks this Valentine's Day — and all year long!

Comfy Crocs

Crocs are comfortable, lightweight shoes that everyone in your family will love this Valentine's Day.

Whether they wear them around the house, outside doing yard work, or as casual attire for just about any activity, Crocs make the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea.

Comfortable footwear plays an important role in your family's overall health and wellness!

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A New Pet

If you're thinking about getting a new pet, what better time to do so than this Valentine's Day!

Whether you're up for a new puppy, a cat, or something smaller like a bird, hamster, guinea pig, or fish, use Valentine's Day as the excuse to get your spouse or kids something fun to take care of.

Getting a dog is a good way to get in extra steps if you take it for a walk daily.

Your kids can help with the walks, feedings, cuddles, waterings, and clean-up of your new pet to learn responsibility and enjoy all of the mental health benefits pets can offer.

If you already have a pet, consider getting your furry friend a toy, treat, or other fun Valentine's Day gift idea for pets!

Valentine's Day Themed Home Cooked Meals

If you're in the mood to cook on Valentine's Day, choose a meal that's nutritious and Valentine's Day themed!

Consider a heart-shaped homemade pizza containing whole-grain or cauliflower crust, heart-shaped sliced vegetables or fruits, heart-shaped pancakes, or heart-shaped sandwiches.

You might focus on nutritious foods that are Valentine's Day colors (red or pink), such as watermelon, strawberries, cherries, beets, tomatoes, radishes, or other red and pink foods.

Make a nutritious pink smoothie containing fresh strawberries or cherries for dessert!

Valentine's Day Games and Crafts

If you have kids at home, what better way to spend quality time together than by playing Valentine's Day-themed games or doing Valentine's crafts with your entire family.

For younger children, consider coloring Valentine's Day cards, making Valentine's Day finger paintings, playing Valentine's Day Bingo, making Valentine's-themed pink slime, or doing a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt.

Older kids might enjoy making jewelry, playing board games, completing Valentine's Day-themed jigsaw puzzles, doing Valentine's Day crossword puzzles or word searches, or playing outdoor basketball, volleyball, or other active family games.

You might plan family painting night on canvases at home or schedule a professional painting class for you and your loved ones!

Family Movie Night

Whether you head out to see a movie with your spouse, your kids, your parents, or your entire family, consider movie night as one of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Head out to a movie theater or order a movie in if you don't feel like leaving home.

Workout Gear

Whether you and your family exercise regularly or not, what better time to get or stay in shape than by choosing workout gear as a Valentine's Day gift idea!

For your spouse and kids, consider workout shoes, workout clothing, dumbbell weights, kettlebells, cardio equipment, a gym bag, water bottles, jump ropes, a punching bag, fitness trackers, or other fitness devices!

The possibilities are endless, so choose something that fits within your budget.

Blenders or Shakers

If your spouse or your kids love shakes and smoothies, consider getting them a blender or shaker bottle to prepare protein shakes or fruit smoothies!

This Valentine's Day gift idea is an excellent way to begin or continue on a health journey.

Make the shakes together as a family and consider trying new protein shake recipes!

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Insulated Water Bottles

Whether you're Valentine's Day shopping for your spouse or your kids, consider an insulated water bottle that keeps water cold all throughout the day!

Keeping drinking water cool makes meeting daily fluid requirements easier, as many people don't drink as much water during the day as they should.

You can also flavor the water with mint, lemon, lime, or fruit chunks to make it more palatable.

Dark Chocolate

If you choose sweets as a Valentine's Day gift idea this year, go with dark chocolate over other sweet treats.

Dark chocolate is loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants, and studies show that dark chocolate may reduce obesity and excess body fat.

It also helps boost satiety (keeps you full and satisfied).

Roller Blades, Skates, or Skis

If you're looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas that give your family the opportunity to stay active and spend quality time together, rollerblades, skates, or skis are a perfect choice!

If you live in a warm-weather climate, you can probably enjoy rollerblading together as a family all year long.

If you live in a colder-weather climate, bring rollerblades with you to an indoor skating rink during the colder winter months and rollerblade outdoors when the weather warms up.

Or get your family members skis, ice skates, snowshoes, or sleds for Valentine's Day instead of rollerblades to stay active outdoors during the snowy winter months.

New Pillows for Your Beds

Sleep is more important for maintaining exceptional health than you may think, but many people don't get the high-quality sleep their bodies need to function at their best.

Whether you're looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas for your spouse or your kids, consider getting them new pillows for their beds!

Doing so can improve sleep quality and comfortability, which maximizes your family's overall health and well-being.

Encourage your loved ones to get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night (more for children).

There's no one-size-fits-all best pillow, so choose pillows based on your family's preferences.

You might try memory foam pillows, cooling pillows, sweat-wicking pillows, lightweight pillows, body pillows, or anti-allergy pillows, depending on what works best for you and your loved ones.

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Weight loss or health improvements made because of the Fit Family Bundle membership is one of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas you can give!

And the best part is, the Fit Family Bundle makes getting and staying in shape fun!

It's a program that your whole family will enjoy together.

Erin Coleman
B.S. - Nutritional Science, R.D., L.D.

Writer, The Fit Mother Project

Erin Coleman is a registered and licensed dietitian with over 15 years of freelance writing experience.

She graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in nutritional science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and completed her dietetic internship at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Prior to beginning her career in medical content writing, Erin worked as Health Educator for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Internal Medicine.

Her published work appears on hundreds of health and fitness websites, and she’s currently working on publishing her first book! Erin is a wife, and a Mom to two beautiful children.

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